Share your DP Experiences, photos & docs…

The Baltic DP Project seeks to record and to preserve as many testimonies of displaced persons as possible. If you or your family members, neighbours or friends fled Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia during World War II and experienced life in DP Camps, or if you grew up in a DP household, please share your story, for more visit The Balzekas Museum

I have just scanned and sent my fathers wartime passport, DP testimonium certificate and declaration of religion to, no idea if they will be used!



4 thoughts on “Share your DP Experiences, photos & docs…

  1. Alexandra

    Thankyou for sharing the information you have gathered about your family and your father. It’s very interesting and extremely helpful. My family came from Riga and left in Oct 1944 they ended up in Lubeck. My grandfather came over to England first in 1947 and his wife ( my Gran) and his children ( including my father) came over to join him in 1948. They settled in Birmingham too! Smethick area. Like you I’m tracing my roots too and it’s so helpful and interesting learning about others. Thankyou again for sharing , Paldies


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