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Share your DP Experiences, photos & docs…

The Baltic DP Project seeks to record and to preserve as many testimonies of displaced persons as possible. If you or your family members, neighbours or friends fled Lithuania, Latvia or Estonia during World War II and experienced life in DP Camps, or if you grew up in a DP household, please share your story, for more visit The Balzekas Museum

I have just scanned and sent my fathers wartime passport, DP testimonium certificate and declaration of religion to, no idea if they will be used!



It’s amazing how old newspapers and other publications are being digitized…

It’s amazing how newspapers and other publications are being digitized, just when you think you have found everything that is out there up pops another article!
Of course it helps to have an unusual surname, mine even seems to be unusual in Latvia!
Every once in a while I Google it to see if I can find any more information about my fathers history and today this popped up, 53 years after it was published. It is a list of all “aliens” to whom certificates of naturalisation have been granted by the secretary of state in May 1960. My parents were married in September 1960 which presumably prompted his naturalisation.